Your environment is very important. It plays a vital role in the success or failure of your dream. If you are a person that has big dreams, plans and goals. If you see yourself doing great things to advance the kingdom or starting a business, if you plan to write books, record music, encourage other people, bring deliverance, or become a great evangelist in the kingdom bringing many to Christ, perhaps become a doctor and open up a hospital in Uganda. Whatever YOUR dream is ,you have to associate with like minded people and others who are already functioning in the place where you desire to be. It will stir you, MOTIVATE YOU and it pushes you to achieve it! Just like it takes the right environment to grow certain fruits or plants. It takes the right environment to grow and produce your dream. I am learning that this is a must. When you are in an environment where your gifts are not cultivated, your associations are ok with average, and there is no challenge to accomplish your vision, then it is easy to slip into a rut of meritocracy. If this happens your dream will become just that, a dream, ( that never comes into fruition). Today I encourage you to go into prayer. Ask God to send you an alliance of like minded goal oriented people. God is faithful. As we trust him and get back to pursuing purpose he will help you along the way. Passionately pursue purpose! Be blessed

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